Seafoam's kind of women

We love seeing all you ladies in your Seafoam gems.
All these photos of warm destinations make us long for summer!
The days are getting longer though here in Europe,
soon there will be enough light in the day for after-work surfs for most of us.
In the mean time we pull our leggings on and roll our mats out.
Bring on spring!

As we love seeing you all putting your Seafoam pieces into action,
we decided to share some of them with all of you.
They might offer you some good inspiration for your next surf trip!
Do you have photos of your Seafoam pieces?
Send them to us and get featured on our website and social media.


Nathalie in Costa Rica

Nathalie of the Bristol Surf Club has been catching some lovely waves in Costa Rica.
She was wearing both Akela and Odina bikinis.

Nathalie CR

Nathalie CR2


Rachel in Morocco

Rachel went to Morocco last November with Surf Senioritas.
She was surfing in her Sensi Graves bikini.

Rachel 2


Krissie in Devon

Krissie, owner of Krissea boutique, went on a weekend adventure in her Jungle Feathers legging . Leggings are great all year round, in and out of the water.


Sophie in Belgium
Sophie organised a Seafoam event at her place in December.
Lots of great looking legs around!



Emma on her way to Hogwarts

Emma from Devon took her Jungle Feathers legging on a journey to Hogwarts. I wonder if Harry Potter will soon be ordering some?



Ruth in Belgium

Ruth was one of the first to get her legs into the Black Tie Die leggings.
She put them to good use straight away!



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