Eco-conscious Swimwear Revolution

Eco-conscious Swimwear Revolution

Since starting Seafoam I have been a strong believer of recycling and re-using being the way forward to try and save this planet and the beautiful creatures living in our oceans. Although it’s not the only way, making less plastic in the first place would be even better, but re-using what is already there has become a must!

It warms my heart to see more and more labels popping up that want to make a change, or existing brands creating new collections with recycled fabrics such as Econyl®. You can read more about this awesome fabric in our previous blog post: What is Econyl and how can a surf bikini be made from plastic?

As surfers particularly, we should buy very carefully, we can all individually make a small impact that together can push for a massive change.  Be informed, choose wisely and have a happier time in the water.

One of Seafoam’s first brands was Odina Surf, who used both Repreve and Econyl in their collections. Now we have Salt Gypsy on board. Lady boss Danny doesn’t only design very stylish surf pieces out of old fishing nets and recycled carpets, she goes further. Her surfwear is R-certified, which means that the production energy costs are offset to support a renewable project in Australia, where the collection is made. A few days ago, we had great news from Monique Rotteveel, the next collection (expect some light new colourways) will also be made with Econyl!

Our search into offering you eco-friendlier surfbikinis, leggings and one-pieces came up with great finds, surprisingly close to our Seafoam-HQ in Wales, UK.

Over the next few weeks we will welcome these new eco swimwear labels to Seafoam. Starting off today as we introduce:


Hailing from Devon, UK, Davy J's very first collection, The Waste Collection, is made in Britain and aims to bridge the gap between stylish beachwear and performance activewear. 


Davy J doesn’t just offer you a good conscience when buying a swimsuit, it offers you timeless style and mix and match ability. The collection is made to be cherished for many(!) years to come. However, when those years have passed, and they do eventually come to the end of their active life covering your most important parts, you can simply return them to Davy J. This way your most loved swimwear pieces can be turned into brand new ones; the nylon can be regenerated into gorgeous new collections again, thus forming a closed loop resource system. The possibilities are quite literally, endless!

Go check out Davy J’s freshly landed mix and match tops and bottoms and stay tuned for the ‘Meet the Maker’ series on our blog, where we will have a chat with the ladies behind many of the labels available on Seafoam, including Helen from Davy J.


 For all our eco-conscious pieces, check out our whole eco-collection.

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