Out of Office

Hi there!
You might have noticed a little change on Seafoam's storefront since last week.
I'm on a long overdue family break and will not be able to ship orders until August 24th. So the checkout options has been temporarily disabled to avoid confusion.

A little more about why I have decided to 'close doors' for a few weeks:
When not shipping your orders, I'm still full-time mama-ing my little water-loving monkey. Since well over a year I have been eagerly awaiting freedom to travel to family & friends based in mainland Europe (I'm Belgian, but based in Wales.). With my little boy now 18 months, meeting his family for the first time was high priority after crazy pandemic times. As you can imagine, we will be making up for the missed time and spend some long overdue quality time together while we can.
Unfortunately, being a one-woman business, this means Seafoam orders will not be shipped from the 17th of July until the 24th of August. It was a difficult decision to make but sometimes family just comes first. I'm confident you'll all understand and hope to be of service to you again very soon!
Stay safe and have an amazing summer (or winter down under)!

Thank you so much for your continued support.
It really means a lot!
Stien Founder of Seafoam
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