Salt Gypsy Bespoke Hibiscus Range

Salt Gypsy Bespoke Hibiscus Range

The new Hibiscus Collection by Salt Gypsy is here!

Salt Gypsy switched back to On-Demand manufacturing, which means for a few days each month they will open the gates for bespoke orders, make your ♻️surf garment/s to order in limited editions and then ship out 3-5 weeks later.

Why? Great question! It’s actually how Danny kickstarted Salt Gypsy back in 2012 and is a shift that we’re seeing other brands talk about transparently and making a part of their core business structure. It's also part of the global #fashionrevolution that’s been gaining traction for the last several years.
It’s a way to reduce the overproduction of inventory that ends up discounted (which is not conducive to a sustainable business) or in landfills/incinerators.

On top of this, by ordering through Seafoam, orders can be shipped together.
Saving on individual shipping, cutting related emissions and also saving you (Europeans) on import taxes and duty charged by your country! Win-Win

Make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out on bespoke order rounds, as said these will only be open for a few days at a time.

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