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The Seafoam journey, welcome to Oy Surf Apparel!

Since before Seafoam had even launched it was my mission to find the best surfbikini labels out there. Launching Seafoam from personal savings and running it next to my day job as a teacher for the last 2.5 years has taught me a great deal. I am still learning new things every day and try to fine-tune everything constantly, as I work towards Seafoam's 3rd birthday.  The experience changed my look on global (surf) fashion, as I try to push towards women-powered, ethically and sustainably produced surfwear brands. Women-powered, because women know best what women want and need when it comes to waterwear. Ethical, because you deserve transparency, as an investor in your own surfwear you deserve to know who and where your...

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Meet The Maker Series

Have you spent hours trying to find the right surf bikini, lycra surfsuit or the perfect pair of leggings? Came across numerous labels, but they were either on the other side of the planet or you were not quite sure if they'd live up to their name?I've been there! I know how much time goes into the research and decisions. Up untill about 2 years ago, trying to find a stay-on surfbikini in Europe was a near impossible task. So I decided to make it Seafoam's speciality.I decided it was about time all these awesome independent surf labels powered by the women of the ocean from across the world would find their way to European shores, without costing the earth.  It...

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Meet 'The Yoga Body' Founder Carol

Seafoam started as a dream, which was slowly shaped into reality by months of hard work. Those of you who know me or have been in touch with me know that it still is mostly that, as more than 2 years in I still combine running Seafoam with a day job as a supply teacher. Seafoam is not my job, but a passion and a dream I still strongly believe in. Just like most of the brands on Seafoam started as dreams of other water women across the world, working hard to make them into reality.For this, I believe our ambassadors should be individuals with the same passion and drive to not just follow their dreams but to work hard living them. A...

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UPDATE: Seafoam is now back up and running as usual.Thank you so much for your patience!   Dear fellow sea-lovers, As you may or may not know, Seafoam is run by myself, Stien, from home in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Every now and again I have to take a 'shipping break' as I am away. I previously posted I was expected to return from France on Friday night, ready to get your orders shipped on Saturday. Unfortunately due to the sad loss of my unborn child, I am forced to stay a while longer. As you can imagine these are totally unforeseen circumstances and I am really sorry if this would affect your order or orders you planned to make in...

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Monique Rotteveel new collection

When I started Seafoam® nearly a year ago, I discovered Monique Rotteveel, who was also producing her first full collection. The prints she made were original and the quality was outstanding, this didn't go unnoticed by you. The Jungle Feather print became the best seller in the year to come.  Obviously I was super stoked to have Monique Rotteveel on board.Then, around March, the sad news came that the brand could no longer carry on because of legal issues around the brand name. It was quite devastating for Monique, to have a legal battle in the first (and very successful year) of her own brand. It seemed that the success wasn't appreciated by every one.It was a very unfortunate (and expensive) year for Monique,...

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