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Q&A: Ocean Photographer Megan Hemsworth

Long before I started Seafoam, I had a passion for photography and videography. I dreamt of studying cinematography and making my own extreme sports films. Unfortunately the years passed too quickly as life unfolded and the dream was replaced with other ambitions. Luckily other dreams eventually materialised, Seafoam was created, but my love for photography still carries on... I still envy those who can make a living of photography, or filming. With the rise of Instagram, the possibilities to showcase the work of these professionals have grown exponentially.Not that long ago, I connected with the very talented Megan Hemsworth.Based in Cornwall, she is quickly becoming a well known name in surf and lifestyle photography. I've been lucky enough to collaborate with Megan on...

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Our top 5 favourite surf bikinis for bigger cups.

Feeling frustrated trying to find the right swimwear? Are your boobs keeping you from scoring tubes? Wearing a surf suit or one-piece because you don't trust your bikini will keep you covered or because you simply can't find your size? I know it's a common frustration among water women.It was my intention from the start to offer more surfwear for ladies with bigger cup sizes. Seafoam is still a small business run next to my day job, so budgets aren't huge and everything is completely self funded, so this limits choices when it comes to the number of surf bikinis and size range Seafoam can offer.While we slowly grow and expand with our brands, every new collection will bring more...

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Surf Destinations: Chicks on Waves, Algarve, Portugal

Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to the One Life Lodge in Burgau, Portugal for a Surf and Yoga retreat with Chicks on Waves. The surf retreat is owned by Belgian born Katrien Kegels and her Dutch husband Niek. Katrien started Chicks on Waves 10 years ago, organising her first women's surf week while travelling in Morocco, opening the sport to women and girls in a friendly atmosphere. The ladies loved it, as they kept coming back. Fast forward to 2019, Katrien and Niek now run the retreats from their stunning villa in the Algarve, South Portugal. When I say stunning, I mean absolutely smashing. From the moment you walk through the door of the villa, you...

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Surf Careers: Jocelyn Lu, Marketing Business Owner.

It has been a little quiet on the Seafoam Blog lately. The last few months, my other job of supply teaching took over for a little while. (Got to pay the bills..) But we are back with the Surf Careers Series and we are back in Canada once again!We speak to Jocelyn Lu, 36 from Whistler, Canada. She combines her passion for the outdoors with running her own marketing business, Rainfield Marketing. Find out how marketing can give your career a boost, without having to let go of your surfing or outdoor passions.   Jocelyn, when did you start surfing? I started surfing when I was teenager going to Waikiki in Hawaii every year during spring break. In my late twenties, I moved...

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Autumn Essentials: the Vivida changing robe.

Here we are again, autumn has returned and the days are getting shorter here in the UK.The air is getting cooler (or it should..) and wind a little (or a lot) stronger.You can still get away with wearing a 3/2 wetsuit but that car park change is getting a little more rushed. There might be a few things that could help you get warm faster post-surf though. Here are some of our autumn essentials. 1. A Vivida Changing Robe Not only does it help you cover your important bits, it helps protect you from that chilly wind.Not a carpark changer? Just pull it over your suit to keep warm and your seats dryer.You can find the Vivida Poncho in our Accessories...

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