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Surf Careers: Kathryn Oceana Curzon. Author, Speaker & Conservationist.

It's been a while since our last 'Surf Careers' post, but we certainly haven't forgotten about those many awesome ocean women around the world combining their passion with their career. Some of you might be getting ready to start uni in a few weeks or even to start the 'real' job thing. Whatever your situation, a little inspiration never hurt no one! Ready for part 4? This time we speak to Kathryn Curzon (39), another awesome lady currently in New Zealand. She's a communication specialist, author, conservationist and much much more. Read all about how she combines passion, career and the ocean.   Kathryn, what did you become a conservationist? I studied Ecology and Environmental Biology and wrote theses about...

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Surf Careers: Candace Loy, Marine Science Phd student.

Part 3 of our Surf Careers Series and we talk to Candace Loy.Candace is a Marine Science Phd student and entrepreneur, working hard to set up a women focused surf and art community. Read more about her journey towards her Phd and how she combines it with a love for the ocean and surfing. When did you start surfing?  When I was 29. I learnt to drive so that I could go surfing. There were many things going on before that which prevented me from getting a start, so I had to keep that dream alive in my head and believe it could happen while I sorted other stuff out. At the time it felt like it could never happen. And...

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Olas Ocean Tribe

As awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans is spreading slowly (thanks to David Attenborough for the recent boost in media attention), we hope it has reached you. We also hope your consumption is taking a slower pace. Leave fast fashion behind.First of all it doesn't last, wash it once or twice and you probably ruined it already.Furthermore, you are helping to destroy this beautiful planet of ours. Not just nature, but society. Don't turn a blind eye. Be curious. Do you know where the clothes were made you are wearing right now?If you do, are you proud of where and how they were made?Is that feeling worth every penny you spent on your clothes? Choosing carefully what you buy and wear will not...

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Surf Careers: meet Heather Alice, The Surfing Nurse.

Part 2 of the Surf Careers series and I'm asking a few questions to a very inspiring lady about her job. One you might not connect with surfing until you read how this combination is not just stuff for daydreams. Heather Alice is 24 and combines a love for surfing with nursing in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. I always look up to people working in healthcare and the things they see on a daily basis, even more confronting when it involves children.  You have to be the kind of person that puts every one else before themselves. I can imagine surfing being an outlet, a necessity to heroes like Heather. Are you a hero?  Heather is currently working in the Bristol Children’s...

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Surf Careers: Meet Dani of FlyingSurf

Ever sat in the seat of an airplane taking you on a surf trip, and wondered what it must be like to be a flight attendant and get paid to fly to surf destinations?I certainly have (more than once). Whenever I sat in that plane seat, lots of questions would be popping into my head about the perks of a job like this, so when I came across Dani's instagram account (@flyingsurf) a while ago, I had to follow her! Dani works as a flight attendant for Lufthansa. Her job takes her to the greatest surf spots around the world. She writes about her experiences in her blog, FlyingSurf.This was my chance to find out about the life of a surfing flight attendant! Meet Dani, flight attendant...

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