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Why we are offering pre-orders.

You'll have noticed, we often start pre-orders before the collection has landed on our doorstep. While some of you love to be the first to get your hands on the newest collection, there are actually a few more reasons why we like to work this way. 1. Avoid overproduce and overstock, less waste. If we have a rough figure of how much you love certain styles and prints, our decisions can be more informed. This way we avoid over producing styles that will end up as dead stock and eventually waste. By pre-ordering you will be saving the environment from unnecessary pollution from production and shipping. 2. Help fund new collections Seafoam and the brands we stock are all very...

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New Arrivals by Dkoko and Monique Rotteveel

It's always bikini weather somewhere... Great news! The first delivery of the brand new collections by Monique Rotteveel and Dkoko has landed on Seafoam.Will you be going for a late summer trip somewhere warm? This time of year the French and Portuguese waves start firing. Or planning on going somewhere even warmer this winter? Start dreaming away with these cute new surf bikinis and leggings. Leaving soon? Don't hesitate as sizes are selling fast.Is your size already sold out? Not to worry, there will be more deliveries in the coming months.  

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The Deep Jungle Collection by Monique Rotteveel

Dream away to the jungle in the newest collection by Monique Rotteveel.The distinctive vibrant colours, inspired by Monique Rotteveel's home of Costa Rica, make these beautiful pieces stand out once again. The stunning prints will take you from the yoga mat to the beach and even to your favourite wave. Mix and match leggings with the Pura Vida tops or reversible bikini bottoms.Pre-order now and receive 5% off your order if you use 'DEEPJUNGLE' at checkout before the 1st of September.Expected arrival: first week of September.

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Monique Rotteveel new collection

When I started Seafoam® nearly a year ago, I discovered Monique Rotteveel, who was also producing her first full collection. The prints she made were original and the quality was outstanding, this didn't go unnoticed by you. The Jungle Feather print became the best seller in the year to come.  Obviously I was super stoked to have Monique Rotteveel on board.Then, around March, the sad news came that the brand could no longer carry on because of legal issues around the brand name. It was quite devastating for Monique, to have a legal battle in the first (and very successful year) of her own brand. It seemed that the success wasn't appreciated by every one.It was a very unfortunate (and expensive) year for Monique,...

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