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The Seafoam journey, welcome to Oy Surf Apparel!

Since before Seafoam had even launched it was my mission to find the best surfbikini labels out there. Launching Seafoam from personal savings and running it next to my day job as a teacher for the last 2.5 years has taught me a great deal. I am still learning new things every day and try to fine-tune everything constantly, as I work towards Seafoam's 3rd birthday.  The experience changed my look on global (surf) fashion, as I try to push towards women-powered, ethically and sustainably produced surfwear brands. Women-powered, because women know best what women want and need when it comes to waterwear. Ethical, because you deserve transparency, as an investor in your own surfwear you deserve to know who and where your...

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Olas Ocean Tribe

As awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans is spreading slowly (thanks to David Attenborough for the recent boost in media attention), we hope it has reached you. We also hope your consumption is taking a slower pace. Leave fast fashion behind.First of all it doesn't last, wash it once or twice and you probably ruined it already.Furthermore, you are helping to destroy this beautiful planet of ours. Not just nature, but society. Don't turn a blind eye. Be curious. Do you know where the clothes were made you are wearing right now?If you do, are you proud of where and how they were made?Is that feeling worth every penny you spent on your clothes? Choosing carefully what you buy and wear will not...

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The Globetrotter Collection by Sensi Graves

You might have spotted it already, the new Globetrotter collection by Sensi Graves Bikinis has arrived to Seafoam. The name says it all. Sensi's inspiration from her travels shines through in prints with names you want to write on your travel list. Seychelles, Sedona, Amalfi, Haight Ashbury, Provence,...These surf bikinis are made to accompany you everywhere! Where ever your wandering soul leaves (only) footprints in the sand. (Or maybe snow?) Whether you are just relaxing, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, playing beachvolley.. You name it.Sensi Bikinis pride themselves on making the world’s raddest swimsuits, designed to withstand wipe-outs and kiteboard crashes. They want to empower women across the world to live an active and healthy life and care for the environment.There is...

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Eco-conscious Swimwear Revolution

Since starting Seafoam I have been a strong believer of recycling and re-using being the way forward to try and save this planet and the beautiful creatures living in our oceans. Although it’s not the only way, making less plastic in the first place would be even better, but re-using what is already there has become a must! It warms my heart to see more and more labels popping up that want to make a change, or existing brands creating new collections with recycled fabrics such as Econyl®. You can read more about this awesome fabric in our previous blog post: What is Econyl and how can a surf bikini be made from plastic? As surfers particularly, we should buy...

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New Arrivals by Dkoko and Monique Rotteveel

It's always bikini weather somewhere... Great news! The first delivery of the brand new collections by Monique Rotteveel and Dkoko has landed on Seafoam.Will you be going for a late summer trip somewhere warm? This time of year the French and Portuguese waves start firing. Or planning on going somewhere even warmer this winter? Start dreaming away with these cute new surf bikinis and leggings. Leaving soon? Don't hesitate as sizes are selling fast.Is your size already sold out? Not to worry, there will be more deliveries in the coming months.  

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