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Meet The Maker: Claire of Olas

Recently our eco collection welcomed new labels from our home shores here in the UK. One of them is Olas. A British start-up of eco-friendly surf and yoga leggings by Devon based designer Claire Deacon.  Claire is not new to the world of fashion. She uses her knowledge and experience from the industry to try and make a more positive impact to the environment and society.Read on to find out more about Claire and her leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. What's the background story of Olas? Could you tell us a little more about how Olas was created? The idea came to light in 2016.  As an ocean enthusiast living in Devon I became very aware of plastic pollution. I found...

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Meet The Maker Series

Have you spent hours trying to find the right surf bikini, lycra surfsuit or the perfect pair of leggings? Came across numerous labels, but they were either on the other side of the planet or you were not quite sure if they'd live up to their name?I've been there! I know how much time goes into the research and decisions. Up untill about 2 years ago, trying to find a stay-on surfbikini in Europe was a near impossible task. So I decided to make it Seafoam's speciality.I decided it was about time all these awesome independent surf labels powered by the women of the ocean from across the world would find their way to European shores, without costing the earth.  It...

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Surf Careers: meet Heather Alice, The Surfing Nurse.

Part 2 of the Surf Careers series and I'm asking a few questions to a very inspiring lady about her job. One you might not connect with surfing until you read how this combination is not just stuff for daydreams. Heather Alice is 24 and combines a love for surfing with nursing in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. I always look up to people working in healthcare and the things they see on a daily basis, even more confronting when it involves children.  You have to be the kind of person that puts every one else before themselves. I can imagine surfing being an outlet, a necessity to heroes like Heather. Are you a hero?  Heather is currently working in the Bristol Children’s...

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Meet Surf Senioritas Co-Founder Dani

Back in 2012, about 3 years before launching Seafoam, I decided to move from Belgium to Wales, bringing me from a pretty much landlocked situation to the beautiful Welsh coast. It was while trying to find fellow surf women in the area that I came across the 'Surf Senioritas' group.The women-empowering surf group was set up here in Wales in 2011 by Dani, Carys and Sarah and has an online community that is growing internationally. It offers a place where women can find surf mates, support, share ideas or ask for some honest advice. I would like to introduce you all to Dani, the current 'lady-boss', by sharing a few Q&A's.  First of all... Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started...

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