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The Globetrotter Collection by Sensi Graves

You might have spotted it already, the new Globetrotter collection by Sensi Graves Bikinis has arrived to Seafoam. The name says it all.
Sensi's inspiration from her travels shines through in prints with names you want to write on your travel list. Seychelles, Sedona, Amalfi, Haight Ashbury, Provence,...
These surf bikinis are made to accompany you everywhere! Where ever your wandering soul leaves (only) footprints in the sand. (Or maybe snow?)
Whether you are just relaxing, surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, playing beachvolley.. You name it.
Sensi Bikinis pride themselves on making the world’s raddest swimsuits, designed to withstand wipe-outs and kiteboard crashes. They want to empower women across the world to live an active and healthy life and care for the environment.
There is a style to suit everyone. I suggest you look at back details, ladies!
Because Sensi Graves knows how to design something totally original that will still have your back when you’re counting on it. (see what I did there.) If you are familiar with Sensi Bikinis then we have good news, most straps are now thicker for an even more comfortable fit! These surfbiknis and one-piece suits are not just super practical, but very cute too. Just look at those prints! 

Go and see the whole collection here.

Stay tuned for the 'Meet the Maker' series, where we will introduce you to the awesome ladies behind the Surfwear labels on Seafoam, including Sensi Graves.

Sensi Bikinis Claire Top

Sensi Bikinis Colleen Top

Sensi Graves Dawn Top

Sensi Graves Amalfi

Sensi Graves Olivia California Orange

Sensi Bikinis Colleen Top

Sensi Graves Betsy Top Provence

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