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Christmas Shipping Dates 2019

Order on, or before the following dates, depending on country of destination, to ensure your parcel arrives before Christmas! United Kingdom Order on or before Thursday 19 December International Saturday 7 December Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central andSouth America, Far and Middle East Monday 9 December Cyprus, Malta Tuesday 10 December Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic,Poland and Slovakia) Wednesday 11 December Australia, Greece, New Zealand andTurkey Friday 13 December Canada, Czech Republic, Finland,Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA Saturday 14 December Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland,Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia,Spain, Switzerland Tuesday 17 December Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg

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Our Favourite Wetsuit-Friendly Surfbikini Tops.

We aren't all lucky enough to surf warm water all year round. Honestly, I absolutely love the colder season in the Northern hemisphere.It often brings the best and cleanest swells, with the added bonus of not another soul (with exception of seals) in sight.My best surfing memories are from the midst of winter, wrapped in the thickest neoprene with only my face having to brave the real elements. Everyone has their preferences, but I prefer wearing a bikini under my suit for hygienic reasons and ease of changing afterwards without flashing and blinding anyone in the car park.   Heading in for a winter surf at my local break.   Not all bikinis are comfortable to wear under neoprene though.Ideally there...

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Support Sustainability with Sensi Graves Bikinis

In 2012, professional kiteboarder Sensi Graves launched her eponymous swimwear label, Sensi Graves Bikinis, to meet the demands of her sport. After losing one too many string bikinis in the surf, she decided to tackle the job herself and design suits that actually stay on in rough conditions.    While designing swimwear that’s both fiercely functional and fabulously feminine is the core mission of the brand, sustainability has been built into the brand since its inception with Sensi using all recycled packaging, hang tags and labeling, compostable poly bags and hygienic liners, manufacturing in the US and donating 1% of sales to environmental groups.  And now, Sensi is taking another step towards increased sustainability in her brand. Today Sensi Graves Bikinis...

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The Ultimate UK Women's Surf Event Calendar 2019

We received such great feedback from last year's event calendar, we decided to make it a tradition for you.All the great surf, SUP and yoga days, weekly courses and retreats in one place, so you can start planning your ultimate summer filled with surfing, here in the UK! Whether you're new to surfing, improving or an expert wanting to meet more women in the ocean, there are courses for many abilities, all women-centered.Do you run a women's surf club or organise women's surf and yoga retreats in the UK that you believe should be included? Get in touch: and we can add them! Please note, as it is the start of the season, dates might be added over the summer.Some of these...

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Why we are offering pre-orders.

You'll have noticed, we often start pre-orders before the collection has landed on our doorstep. While some of you love to be the first to get your hands on the newest collection, there are actually a few more reasons why we like to work this way. 1. Avoid overproduce and overstock, less waste. If we have a rough figure of how much you love certain styles and prints, our decisions can be more informed. This way we avoid over producing styles that will end up as dead stock and eventually waste. By pre-ordering you will be saving the environment from unnecessary pollution from production and shipping. 2. Help fund new collections Seafoam and the brands we stock are all very...

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