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Surf Careers: Marta Tomasini, Photographer

For the latest edition of our ‘Surf Careers’ series I spoke to photographer and Italian surf beauty Marta Tomasini aka Surfragette. Find out how Marta found her love for surfing & photography and who is behind her dreamy photos.  PC: Ja Und Amen Hi Marta, could you tell us a little more about yourself? Hi! I am Italian and passionate about surfing. Where I come from in Italy, you have to drive 2 hours to reach the Mediterranean coast and, needless to say, the waves there are rare and different from the ocean's! In 2012 I started a blog called Surfragette, and from that time the adventure began! It was a place to share and talk about my passion: surfing. Now the blog...

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Surf Careers: Luna Scherpenisse, owner of Mermaid Private Boat Tours in Moorea.

We are back with a new edition of the 'Surf Careers' Blog Series. This one is a particularly exciting one for me, as I used to live and work in French Polynesia before setting up Seafoam. So, when I came across Dutch beauty Luna Scherpenisse on Instagram, I was in awe of what she has achieved already at such a young age in such a beautiful place. Building a 'career' we will all envy...  Read on and you are likely to consider selling up and moving.    Hi Luna, can you tell us a little more about yourself and where you are from? I’m 24 years old and born & raised in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have been living on Moorea,...

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Surf Careers: Fransesca Trotman, founder of Love The Oceans.

It's been a while since our last Surf Careers blogpost, but we are back with an interview to inspire you. Let us introduce you to Fransesca Trotman. Fransesca, a marine biologist and only 26, has already successfully founded a non-profit marine conservation organisation called 'Love The Oceans', based in Mozambique.If you've been thinking of studying Marine Biology or fancy a career change into marine conservation, make sure to read on as Fransesca shares an honest view on her studies and most importantly hard work to help the oceans.   Photo: Jeff Hester for Photographers Without Borders Fransesca, could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m the Managing Director and Founder of the non-profit marine conservation organisation called Love The Oceans. We’re...

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Meet Joke 'Yucca' Devreese, Founder of North Sea Surf Sisters.

A little while ago, scrolling through my Insta feed, I came across a photo of 22 surf women on a beach in Belgium. It struck me, having grown up in Belgium myself I know it is not exactly your typical surf country. While I know there are more and more Belgians braving the waves, I usually bump into them in more tropical destinations. I was pretty stoked to see all these women come together to hit the cold slop of the North Sea with big smiles.These ladies were part of the North Sea Surf Sisters get-together, organised by Joke 'Yucca' Devreese from Ostend. Wholeheartedly agreeing with her mission of bringing more female influence to the line-ups, I decided I should introduce...

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Surf Careers: Mo Langley, founder of Sandy Feet Initiative.

If you've been following our blog, you'll have heard of our Surf Careers Series.With this series we hope to inspire by showing you how women all over the world combine their studies or careers with surfing. Making a living, doing something they love. This time it takes us to sunny California, where we speak to 52 year old Mo Langley who co-founded the charity Sandy Feet Initiative. Find out how Mo's charity helps children and what inspired her.  How did you get into surfing? I started surfing 12 years ago! I had just found out my triathlon career was over, due to bad knees, and I needed an outlet! A friend took me surfing at San Onofre and I was so stoked, I bought a board...

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