Meet 'The Yoga Body' Founder Carol

Meet 'The Yoga Body' Founder Carol

Seafoam started as a dream, which was slowly shaped into reality by months of hard work. Those of you who know me or have been in touch with me know that it still is mostly that, as more than 2 years in I still combine running Seafoam with a day job as a supply teacher. Seafoam is not my job, but a passion and a dream I still strongly believe in. Just like most of the brands on Seafoam started as dreams of other water women across the world, working hard to make them into reality.
For this, I believe our ambassadors should be individuals with the same passion and drive to not just follow their dreams but to work hard living them.

A little while ago, we welcomed a new ambassador to the Seafoam team, Carol, founder of The Yoga Body. Who is rapidly expanding her yoga teaching business across Devon, here in the UK.
We asked her a few questions to introduce her to all you lovely ladies.

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Carol The Yoga Body

Carol, could you tell us a little more about yourself and how you got into yoga?
I'm a qualified nurse and have been since 2009. I often struggled to balance home and work life and found myself lacking direction, motivation and stability. Yoga really crept into my life after one of my friends encouraged me to go to a class with her. After attending a few classes, I was hooked! I went to as many classes as I could afford and practiced at home in between.
In 2016 I travelled to India where I trained with Sampoorna Yoga to become an instructor and my love for yoga was cemented. It was until I got home from the intense, incredibly hard month that it all sunk in!.

Could you tell us about The Yoga Body.
I believe yoga is for everyone..: which is why our motto is; every body is a yoga body. Any shape any size. Myself and my partner wanted to create fun, friendly and challenging classes in an area that was lacking somewhat with this certain style of yoga. We set up our website, Facebook and Instagram page and I taught as many classes as I could possibly teach (albeit trial and error). We now have a busy, thriving community of committed yogis who come to their mats, week in week out to work their body, calm their mind and be amongst like minded, friendly and supportive people. What's not to love?

What inspired you to start The Yoga Body?
As previously mentioned, I felt the area I live in was lacking the style of yoga I offer with a friendly and professional service. I came back from India buzzing with ideas and skills and wanted to share that with as many people as possible! A lot of people believe yoga is just for women of a certain age and involves a lot of sitting around, breathing and slow movements. We're about strong, dynamic yoga with emphasis on core strength and breath lead movement. In my classes people expect to sweat and work hard... which means the savasana (lie down) at the end of the class is all the more sweeter.

Carol The Yoga Body

If others would like to join a class where or when could they find you?
I teach around the south hams and am always adding classes to my schedule. The best place to check out classes and book into a session is through our website..

Why do you think so many surfers love yoga?
Yoga involves a lot of strong, core strength developing exercises where the body is challenged. By strengthening the core, upper body and linking the breath with the movement, performance in the sea improves. Yoga also helps to iron out tight muscles and promotes flexibility and agility which also enhances the sessions in the sea. And apart from anything else, yoga can be practiced anywhere.. so if the beach is where you like to be... there's nothing nicer than the sand between your toes in a downward facing dog.!

Getting others into yoga...
My advice for beginners is.. just show up. The biggest step is attending your first yoga class..but with the right teacher you'll feel welcome and comfortable from the get go. I remember what it was like as a beginner. So many lefts, rights, impossible positions.. but all of that will come in time. Once you've been to a couple of sessions, things just seem to 'click'... and finding the impossible is now... possible... is magic. And a true testament to how amazing your body is.


The Yoga Body wearing Akela Surf

What achievements are you most proud of?
I'm the most proud of taking a chance on a different path in my life. I always thought my path was set, and I was destined to do a job I wasn't in love with, forever. With the encouragement and support from people around me, I've created a thriving yoga community and a buzzing business!.

Do you have a special place to practice?
My favourite place I've ever practiced was on my teacher training in India. Looking over at the sea, hearing the sounds of the birds and being surrounded by 40 other, strong and amazing women was something I'll never forget.
When it comes to home.... I always love practicing yoga on the beach. Albeit saved for the warmer months.. yoga is always best practiced where it's intended... out in the glorious outdoors.

Where do you see The Yoga Body in 5 years time?
That's a tricky one!. I'd like to own a studio or 2 some day, and become a well known brand. Yoga is growing and growing so it can be tough to stick out of the crowd.. but by sticking to the practice I know and staying true to myself... who knows.. 

Do you have a favourite piece from the Seafoam range?
I LOVED the pieces from Monique rotteveel which I wore recently in a shoot and I'm lusting over the pieces from Dkoko. To be honest... the entire website is a surfer/yogis dream so I'd have it all :)

The Yoga Body


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