Surf Destinations: Barbados by Sofie Forton

Surf Destinations: Barbados by Sofie Forton

While surf travel might still be restricted to certain destinations, it doesn't mean we can't start planning or dreaming away to our next destination. The latest entry in our 'Surf Destinations' journal is written by Sofie Forton who visited Barbados last winter. Get ready to start searching for flights! :) 

The destination of our trip to Barbados was easily decided, my boyfriend was raised here and knows the place by heart. It’s a small island in the Caribbean, it’s not big at all (only 34 km (21 miles) in length and up to 23 km (14 mi) in width). But so worth a visit, I fell in love with yet another island.

The Island is surrounded by white sand beaches, warm clear blue seas and tropical plants. Getting around is the easiest by car, side note: like the UK, they drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you are not used to this, there is no need to stress about that because traffic is mellow. Even though it’s a small island, driving can take a while because there are only a few roads, and everybody is on island time. But in these surroundings, you easily adapt and just enjoy the views.


Frieghts, Barbados Surfspots
Freights, Barbados

Surf Spots

There are lots of different surf spots for all levels, with consistent surf, year-round. On the east (with world famous Soup Bowl) and south coast you can surf the whole year round, while the picture-perfect west coast needs a decent north swell, more common in winter. When it does break, it’s an endless coastline of barrels.

Typical for Barbados are the reef breaks. Maybe it sounds a bit sketchy, but usually they are deep enough. A bit of extra attention going in and out of the water will do. If this isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of beach breaks to be found.

Surfing at Freights surfspot Barbados
Surfing at Freights Surfspot, Barbados

We stayed right in front of Freights (Cotton House Bay), a perfect mellow longboard spot with many turtles who love to say hi while surfing and had wonderful sunrise and sunset sessions.

Around the corner and in a great neighbourhood with beautiful houses, you have South Point for intermediate and advanced surfers, with a good left wave.

Sunset at Freights Surfspot BarbadosSunset at Freights, Barbados

Not much further you have Surfers point, a point break with two peaks and some great beaches.

One of my favourite spots we surfed was Brandends (Drill Hall Beach), depending on the swell it’s great for all levels. It’s located at Barbados’ military area and nearby the impressive horse races, which you can watch from the road for free (tip!).
After surfing I always get hungry, luckily on the road to Brandends we found the best Acai bowls and Coffee of the island at Epic Surf Café. It also has nice little shop and great surf school.

Crossing the island from east to west is a real joy. You can see how green the island is, with all the palm trees and fields for agriculture. On the east coast you have the famous spot Soup bowl for advanced surfers, even if it’s not my level, the views are magnificent, and the nature is breath taking.

Soup Bowl Surf Spot, BarbadosSoup Bowl, Barbados

Contrary to most of the island, the north coast has rough nature with big cliffs, wild seas and undeveloped areas. You feel the power of nature when you see the huge waves bashing into the walls.

Other Things To See, Do and Eat

Beside surfing we went snorkelling, one of the must do’s in Barbados. You can do this all around the island, but the most accessible and stunning places are Folkstone, with a great reef and colourful creatures or Carlisle bay, where there are several shipwrecks.

Folkstone Snorkeling BarbadosFolkstone, Barbados

There are many organised excursions like boat trips, island safari’s, … around the island, but if you want to stay away from the crowds you can easily do this by yourself.

Inland BarbadosInland Barbados

During our trip we tasted many different freshly caught fish, some of the best I ever had. Friday evening is the moment to taste it right by the fish market in Oistins. Everybody comes out to enjoy the food, live music and rum. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Another insider tip, the long waits at uncle George’s are so worth the wait. Just grab a drink and when it’s time to order be sure to ask for a side of macaroni pie, YUM.

Inland BarbadosInland Barbados

Barbados has a special place in my heart, it’s the perfect destination for a surf trip. I fell In love with the kind people, stunning nature and the laid-back way of living. Typing this I want to go back already.


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