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Seafoam® was created by Stien Boodts, a passionate surfer who moved from Belgium to Wales to live closer to the waves and have a more balanced lifestyle.
After months trying to find supportive and reliable surfing swimwear, it became clear that the European market didn't have much to offer. In the US and Australia however, independent brands had evolved from this niche in the market. Stien decided it was time to bring these brands to closer shores,
making them affordable and within reach for the active European women.
We believe that swimwear should be comfortable and keep you confident in and out of the water whatever your shape or size. That is why we offer independent labels, designed by women for women and chose quality over quantity. We hope you find what you have been looking for on Seafoam and please don't hesitate to contact us with any querries.

Seafoam® is a registered trademark.
VAT number: GB218248410

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