Size Guide - Per Brand

Seafoam offers a curated selection of ocean wear brands from across the world.
This can result in different sizing in between brands.

All product pages will have brand-specific size guides to help you find your perfect piece. Please note, that sometimes sizing can be a little different even within a brand depending on cut and style of the product, if this is the case we will clearly state this in the product description.

Please, find the size charts per brand below, simply click on the brand's name.
Don't hesitate to get in touch if unsure, we are happy to help you find your new favourite bikini in the most comfortable fit!
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Akela Surf
Dkoko (see product descriptions)
Monique Rotteveel
Olas (see product descriptions)
Oy Surf Apparel
Salt Gypsy
Sensi Graves Bikinis
Vivida Lifestyle