Olas Ocean Tribe

Olas Ocean Tribe

As awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans is spreading slowly (thanks to David Attenborough for the recent boost in media attention), we hope it has reached you.
We also hope your consumption is taking a slower pace. Leave fast fashion behind.
First of all it doesn't last, wash it once or twice and you probably ruined it already.
Furthermore, you are helping to destroy this beautiful planet of ours. Not just nature, but society.
Don't turn a blind eye. Be curious. 
Do you know where the clothes were made you are wearing right now?
If you do, are you proud of where and how they were made?
Is that feeling worth every penny you spent on your clothes? 
Choosing carefully what you buy and wear will not only make you feel better about all this.
Sustainable and ethically produced clothing will usually be made in smaller numbers, so there is more time to concentrate on higher production standards, they will 
therefore last for years to come and making it totally worth your investment. 

With this in mind, we would like to present you our newest addition to the eco collection:

Olas Ocean Tribe

Olas leggings are made in England, with recycled fabrics, made from plastic bottles:

Olas mission

I hear you, how does a plastic bottle turn into fabric??

Post consumer water bottles are collected and brought to the recycling facility in Switzerland. The conversion process of turning waste into wearable fabric begins:

• A flotation and separation process removes the caps and labels from the bottles, as they are made of plastics with different characteristics

• Plastic bottles are then processed into chips

• After being washed the flakes are melted

• Yarns are pulled from the melted polyester

• The result is a clean, valuable and recycled yarn 

• In Italy the raw filament yarns are spun with Lycra® and made into fabric

• In England the recycled fabric is then printed, cut and sewn into awesome leggings



Recycling process Olas Leggings

Love the idea of helping to reduce plastic waste in the oceans by wearing beautiful leggings that can be worn for yoga, surfing, running, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing or maybe even couch surfing?

We'd like to see less plastic being used all together, but if you really can't help it then make sure you recycle all your plastic properly, and maybe one day they will accompany you on the mat or in the waves.

Go and see all Olas leggings.

Stay tuned for the Meet the Makers blog series, where we will have a chat with Claire, the lady behind Olas Ocean Tribe.
Olas Leggings




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