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Christmas Delivery Dates

Seriously, how quickly did 2018 fly by? I hope you got some awesome surftrips to look back on, or maybe you might be getting geared up for an awesome warm water trip in 2019. In that case, you might be looking to treat yourself or an awesome ocean woman in your life to some new surf wear for Christmas. As the end of the year can get busy for postal services, we advise you to order on or before the following dates to make sure it arrives in time: UK: Last orders Wednesday 19th of December Rest of the world: Monday 3rd December: Africa, Middle East Thursday 6th December: Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic...

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Surf Careers: Liv Hung, founder of Noorish Tofino Retreats

Our Surf Careers series takes us to Canada this time, British Columbia to be exact. Where Liv Hung founded the Noorish Tofino Retreats, while working as a marketing consultant and raising her twin boys. When did you get into surfing? I first tried surfing in New Zealand around 2007 - I was 26/27 at the time so a late starter What did you do before launching Noorish Retreats? I am well into my 30s now with 5 year old twin boys at home. I worked for many years as a digital marketing strategist and media planner at an advertising agency. After that I left to do my own marketing consultancy and taught part-time at a local university. My children took over...

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Autumn Essentials: the Vivida changing robe.

Here we are again, autumn has returned and the days are getting shorter here in the UK.The air is getting cooler (or it should..) and wind a little (or a lot) stronger.You can still get away with wearing a 3/2 wetsuit but that car park change is getting a little more rushed. There might be a few things that could help you get warm faster post-surf though. Here are some of our autumn essentials. 1. A Vivida Changing Robe Not only does it help you cover your important bits, it helps protect you from that chilly wind.Not a carpark changer? Just pull it over your suit to keep warm and your seats dryer.You can find the Vivida Poncho in our Accessories...

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10 reasons to book a women-only surf holiday.

You might have been sitting on the beach, eyeing up women in the water with their big smiles having all the fun. You might have had a few lessons and keen to step up your surfing game. Maybe you are killing it in the waves but find it hard to find female surf companions. Or maybe you simply want to surf somewhere warmer... There are so many good motives to book a surf holiday, but have you ever thought about booking a women only surf trip?Let us give you 10 good reasons to consider this!   Photo: Chicks On Waves    1. Surf without pressure, female surfers together have patience for each other. 2. You'll get the opportunity to meet...

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Surf Careers: Kathryn Oceana Curzon. Author, Speaker & Conservationist.

It's been a while since our last 'Surf Careers' post, but we certainly haven't forgotten about those many awesome ocean women around the world combining their passion with their career. Some of you might be getting ready to start uni in a few weeks or even to start the 'real' job thing. Whatever your situation, a little inspiration never hurt no one! Ready for part 4? This time we speak to Kathryn Curzon (39), another awesome lady currently in New Zealand. She's a communication specialist, author, conservationist and much much more. Read all about how she combines passion, career and the ocean.   Kathryn, what did you become a conservationist? I studied Ecology and Environmental Biology and wrote theses about...

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