Our Favourite Wetsuit-Friendly Surfbikini Tops.

Our Favourite Wetsuit-Friendly Surfbikini Tops.

We aren't all lucky enough to surf warm water all year round. 
Honestly, I absolutely love the colder season in the Northern hemisphere.
It often brings the best and cleanest swells, with the added bonus of not another soul (with exception of seals) in sight.
My best surfing memories are from the midst of winter, wrapped in the thickest neoprene with only my face having to brave the real elements. Everyone has their preferences, but I prefer wearing a bikini under my suit for hygienic reasons and ease of changing afterwards without flashing and blinding anyone in the car park.


Winter Surfing Newgale

Heading in for a winter surf at my local break.


Not all bikinis are comfortable to wear under neoprene though.
Ideally there will be no ties anywhere as they'll dig in, untie or move around when changing. You don't want them too tight either as they'll give you a bit of the michelin-man-effect in your wetsuit. So here are our favourites from our collection:

1. Sensi Bikinis Colleen Top

No ties and a beautiful back detail means you can wear this awesome top with or without a suit and even as a sports bra for your yoga practice.
We currently have this top in 2 reversible colourways:

Mind Your Mana/Black
Sensi Graves Bikinis Colleen Top Mind Your Mana


Haight Ashbury/Clay 
Sensi Graves Bikinis Colleen Top Reversible Haight Ashbury Clay



2. Sensi Bikinis Dawn Top

Another simple yet stylish top with a stand-out back detail and no ties.
No big underbreast elastic means it feels a little lighter when worn and won't cut in under your suit. You can choose for 'the little black bikini' effect or the intricate Amalfi print.




Sensi Graves Bikinis Dawn Top Amalfi

3. Salt Gypsy Luna Surf Crop

Looks so good, you'd want to wear it on a night out.
Soft fabric with no straps or elastic means no digging in under a suit.
We currently stock this top in 3 different colours:

Houndstooth print

Salt Gypsy Luna Surf Crop Houndstooth


Salt Gypsy Luna Surf Crop Top Merlot

Black Daisy

4. Dkoko Om Top

Brighten your cold water surf session with this flowery top by Dkoko.
Another lovely back detail that will stay put with digging in.

5. Zealous Signature Top

This top has a sports-bra look in the front with the one-of-a-kind back strap, the signature back detail by Zealous Clothing. It can also be worn for low impact sports activities or under your favourite open back top.
They are reversible too!

Bordeaux/Grey Gloss

Zealous Clothing Signature Surf bikini top Bordeaux grey gloss reversible

Anthrazite/Fluro Orange

Zealous Clothing Signature Surf bikini top anthrazite fluro orange reversible

6. Zealous Zimzala Top

If you like a tropical print without too many bright colours, this might be the one for you. A sports-bra like top with a strappy back but no ties.
Our colourway is the Pink Paradise, reversible to Black.

7. Akela Surf Pura Top

Simple, yet effective. A black T-back style top without straps or ties that can be worn from water to the mat. It does have the underbust elastic to offer a little extra support.

8. Sensi Graves Katie Top

A high neck top with a cut out detail in the front and a scoop back.
Super comfy for bigger busts and a personal favourite!


There are more strap-less and non-dig-in tops available in our webstore!
You can filter by style on top of each collection by clicking on the prefered styles.
Remember, you can always get in touch for advice on style and sizing.
Simply email: info@seafoamsurf.com and I'll get back to you asap.


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