Salt Gypsy has arrived!

Salt Gypsy has arrived!

We are over the moon with our newest addition to Seafoam.
Salt Gypsy has been on top of the surf leggings game since the start and founder Danielle Clayton could easily be called the pioneer of surf leggings with major brands following her ideas. At Seafoam we love to support the labels that keep their heart close to the sport we all love and combine functionality with style.

The newest Surf Classic collection is a clear example of the hard work and passion that Danielle puts into her creations. All these pieces are made from Econyl, recycled nylon lycra. This nylon is regenerated from things like fishing nets that would otherwise be discarded or end up in the sea. So you are not only buying the comfiest pair of leggings or rash guards, you are helping the environment by recycling and re-using what would otherwise end up polluting the seas.

The first arrivals contain the Classic Surf Legging in Black and the Turtleneck rash guards in Black and Stripe. The Salt Gypsy collection at Seafoam will be expanded by more leggings and a few new pieces in the next few months, ready for your winter surf trip to warmer waters! 

Salt Gypsy Turtleneck Rashguard

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