The Seafoam journey, welcome to Oy Surf Apparel!

The Seafoam journey, welcome to Oy Surf Apparel!

Since before Seafoam had even launched it was my mission to find the best surfbikini labels out there. Launching Seafoam from personal savings and running it next to my day job as a teacher for the last 2.5 years has taught me a great deal. I am still learning new things every day and try to fine-tune everything constantly, as I work towards Seafoam's 3rd birthday. 

The experience changed my look on global (surf) fashion, as I try to push towards women-powered, ethically and sustainably produced surfwear brands. Women-powered, because women know best what women want and need when it comes to waterwear. Ethical, because you deserve transparency, as an investor in your own surfwear you deserve to know who and where your pieces were made, sweatshop free! Sustainability, something that should be high on every surfer's agenda. We need the ocean for our livelihood, it's time we look after it a little better so we can carry on enjoying it.

During this journey I have come across many stunning labels and more seem to be popping up across the world daily. It's so awesome to see.  Some have come and gone, designers have found new ventures and are conquering new challenges. Some beauties are here to stay! 
As Seafoam is slowly growing, thanks to your continued support, we can widen our range and offer more sizes and styles, and every now and then, we get the best news when new labels arrive to the line-up!

Last month I was finally able to share the news that we had been working on since last summer. A new addition to the Seafoam line-up, Oy Surf Apparel!
Oy Surf Apparel has already made their name known among water women all over the world for its durability, stunning fabrics and effortless style.
While still a little limited on budget, and taking into account the many answers to last summer's style survey, I decided on a mix and match selection. (up to XXL!)
Remember your feedback is super helpful to get exactly what you'd like to see on Seafoam, so don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions.

Here's Oy Surf Apparel's beautiful lookbook for this summer.
You can find the selection of reversible tops and bottoms here, or simply click on the photos to go directly to the piece. Leggings are arriving soon and now open for pre-orders.

See you in the water!

Founder of Seafoam.

Photos by Mirjam Kluka 


Oy Surf Apparel Santi Top Eden

Oy Surf Apparel Nias Leggings Eden Indigo

Oy Surf Apparel Borneo Bottoms Eden Burnt Orange

Oy Surf Apparel Malea Top Stone Green Sage Reversible

Oy Surf Apparel Rote Bottoms Sage

Oy Surf Apparel Mili Top Blossom Peach Reversible

Oy Surf Apparel Papua Bottoms Melrose Cocktail Reversible


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