Vivida Lifestyle is coming to Seafoam!

Vivida Lifestyle is coming to Seafoam!

With days getting longer, we slowly dare to start dreaming of after-work surfs again.
And getting rid of a few millimetres of neoprene! However, Europeans can never be too far from a wetsuit, even in summer, even a light wind can make it a little chilly.
So I thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get some more neoprene pieces in, ready for your warm water trip or just to make the wait for spring/summer seem shorter.

For the lovers of Akela Surf's collection last year, I have good news as the sold-out Kahanu top will be back in more prints AND more styles to mix and match your favourite combo!
Keep a lookout on our Facebook or Instagram for sneaky peeks into the new collection.

Before these arrive we will have an exciting new brand to welcome to Seafoam!
The small up-and-coming British brand Vivida Lifestyle is on a fast track to success and already recognised worldwide. The brand new neoprene range will land on Seafoam very soon with pre-orders starting in the next few days! Keep your eyes peeled because first stock will be limited!! 

Vivida Lifestyle


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