Why we are offering pre-orders.

Why we are offering pre-orders.

You'll have noticed, we often start pre-orders before the collection has landed on our doorstep. While some of you love to be the first to get your hands on the newest collection, there are actually a few more reasons why we like to work this way.

1. Avoid overproduce and overstock, less waste.

If we have a rough figure of how much you love certain styles and prints, our decisions can be more informed. This way we avoid over producing styles that will end up as dead stock and eventually waste. By pre-ordering you will be saving the environment from unnecessary pollution from production and shipping.

2. Help fund new collections

Seafoam and the brands we stock are all very small businesses. Most are run next to other jobs and rely on income from sales to keep running and pay back money invested in production. Pre-ordering will help fund future collections and this way you support female ocean loving entrepreneurs working hard to realise their dreams. 


3. Bigger size ranges available

As mentioned before, Seafoam is a self-funded independent business. Our budgets are limited and rely on your purchase support. As a result of this, our stock is limited in available sizes. We simply can't buy everything in whole size ranges (it's something we'd love to offer as we grow!)
However, when pre-ordering we can offer all manufactured sizes and this way you can get exactly what you are looking for without having to spend hours searching the net for available stock. There will be more size choices during pre-order rounds than when the stock eventually arrives in store.
Furthermore, our stock is always limited to one or two pieces per size, so you can make sure you get hold of your size before they sell out.


4. You can get a cheeky discount

While you help us fund the collections, we can offer you your new swimwear at a little discount. You help Seafoam and the labels carry on with what we love to do, in return you get your newest eco-friendly and sustainable surf wear. Sounds like a win-win!

Right now, if you pre-order one product (click here to see what is currently open for ordering), you'll get a second item in the collection at a 20% discount.

Ideal to get your next set!

Use code 'PRE-ORDER' at checkout.

At the moment, we have Monique Rotteveel's Jungle Feathers print ready for pre-orders. Her best selling first print has returned, now made with recycled materials.
Next to Monique's classic Pura Vida Top and Long Leggings, the new print also brings a new style to the collection with the cross back Triangle Top. Arrival is expected late May. 


Monique Rotteveel Jungle Feathers

Photo by Melissa Robin.


Zealous Clothing's Urban Jungle Collection is expected to arrive in the next week or so, but you can still save and make sure you get hold of your favourite piece.

Zealous Clothing Satu Lagi Surfsuit

Very soon, we will be opening pre-orders for Salt Gypsy's newest addition, the Luna Top. A brand new bikini top added to their ever so elegant line-up.

Salt Gypsy Luna Top Navy Star


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