10 reasons to book a women-only surf holiday.

10 reasons to book a women-only surf holiday.

You might have been sitting on the beach, eyeing up women in the water with their big smiles having all the fun. You might have had a few lessons and keen to step up your surfing game. Maybe you are killing it in the waves but find it hard to find female surf companions. Or maybe you simply want to surf somewhere warmer... There are so many good motives to book a surf holiday, but have you ever thought about booking a women only surf trip?
Let us give you 10 good reasons to consider this!


Chicks on Waves

Photo: Chicks On Waves 


1. Surf without pressure, female surfers together have patience for each other.

2. You'll get the opportunity to meet open minded women, ready for new friendships.

3. Most women will be solo travellers, so get ready to meet strong and awesome like-minded ladies ready for a new adventure.

4. The people you meet will most likely be there for the same reasons as you, instant connection secured.

5. You'll make new friends around the world, opening doors to new adventures.


Chicks on Waves Staff

The lovely hosts at Chicks on Waves, photo by Debs Alexander.


6. With the empowerment of fellow female surfers, you'll improve your surfing in no time.

7. There won't be any male dominated conversations around the dinner table. 

8. The group will probably consist of women of all different age categories, so you don't have to worry about your age. As long as you love the ocean.

9. It will provide you with a feeling of safety and consequently grant you more freedom.

10. You'll train your core muscles from all those belly laughters and constant smiles.


Chicks on Waves

There are more and more women-only surf trips and destinations out there,
stay tuned for more in depth posts on each of these in the future!
In the mean time, go and book yourself an unforgettable surf trip here:

- Chicks on Waves (Algarve, Portugal): location of photos in this post.

- Surfsistas (France, Portugal, Bali, UK)

- Salti Hearts (Bali and worldwide)

- Mad to Live Retreats (Worldwide)

- Gutsy Girls (Uk and abroad)

- Surf With Amigas (Central America)

- Ocean Birdz (kitesurf camps worldwide)


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