Surf Destinations: Salti Hearts, Bali

Surf Destinations: Salti Hearts, Bali

Being a female-run business offering women-powered surf labels, we naturally love surf destinations geared towards ocean-loving women. We covered Chicks on Waves in Portugal on the blog in the past, but across the world there are some other unique destinations that have made a name for themselves in the last few years. One of them is Salti Hearts in Bali.
We spoke to founder Yeni Canelon about her retreats, what inspired her and what they have to offer for you.

Yeni Canelon founder of Salti Hearts
Yeni Canelon, founder and host of Salti Hearts Retreats

Hi Yeni, could you tell us a little more about yourself and how you started Salti Hearts?

My name is Yeni Canelon. I'm originally from Venezuela, but grew up in the Caribbean between the islands of Margarita and Los Roques. I have surfed since I was a kid and been practicing yoga since I was 12 years old. Surfing and yoga became my passions, next to photography and of course traveling the world. Searching for waves and taking classes with different teachers made me fall in love with my lifestyle. 7 and a half years ago, I visited Bali with the dream to surf my dream waves and become a yoga teacher. Little did I know that I was going to stay, make myself a home, adopt 3 Bali dogs, marry the man of my dreams and create Salti Hearts. Salti Heart is a space for wellness, where sisterhood, laughter and simplicity come together. Creating an extraordinary and intimate experience for women from around the world. It's their home away from home, a safe place to relax, unwind and connect with like-minded females. All this while adventuring the island, getting salty in the ocean and deepening their yoga practices with the aim to find a way to reconnect with their divine selves.


What inspired you to set up Salti Hearts?

I guess I was getting close to turning 30 and always dreamed and promised myself that before I turned 30, I was going to create a lifestyle business / job where I could combine all my passions while serving others.

I'm so grateful for the ocean, the practice, the environment and of course the magic of bringing women together, it's just so powerful.


"Salti Heart is a space for wellness, where sisterhood, laughter and simplicity come together."

Salti Hearts by Makalani Productions
Photo by Makalani Productions

Who is Salti Hearts aimed at?

It's for all women, of all ages and nationality, for beginners, intermediate or advance surfers, for first timers or yoga practitioners. For all the women who are ready to experience something unique, memorable and that will perhaps change their life forever.

For those that need time off, time to unwind, time to pause and make space for healing. Those that are ready to tap into their feminine power and creativity while getting inspired from other women and the Bali magic.


Do you offer surf retreats outside of Bali?

Yes!! We do, this is a very exciting path for us, as we are expanding the Saltiness to other places and new destinations. Last year during October 2018, we had the most amazing experience in our Salti Hearts x Mentawai Island Trip; we took 12 beautiful and courageous women for 11 days to a secluded island in the Mentawais, here in Indonesia. It was a dream that came true for all of us! Due to the great success, fun and friendship created, we decided to expand further from the Archipelago onto other tropical and exotic destinations.

For 2020, we have incorporated our next adventure; Salti Hearts x Mexico for “The Complete Lifestyle Retreat”, this trip will be hosted in Zihuatanejo Guerrero; Ixtapa Mexico from the 26th of October until the 2nd of November 2020!!!  We only have space for 10 ladies, so hurry and book your place and Meet Me in Mexico. 

There are other new destinations coming soon as well.

Salti Hearts Mexico retreat 2020
Salti Hearts Mexico Retreat Destination 2020 

Can women of all surf levels join you on your retreats?

Yes! For our Bali and Mexico retreats, all surfing levels are welcome.

However, for our Salti Hearts x Mentawai Retreats, our Saltis will required to be Intermediate level; which involves, paddling and caching the waves on their own.


Do you get a lot of solo travellers? 

We do! We love our solo traveller ladies who are ready to meet like-minded women and create friendships for a lifetime. In the past 4 and a half years we have hosted for solo travellers, besties and groups of friends. Everyone is welcome!


Are certain times of the year more suitable for beginners or intermediate surfers?

We are so lucky here in Bali. As the season goes from March all the way until the beginning of December. Best waves, best weather suitable for all levels!!!


Yeni Canelon

Do you join all retreats yourself?

Always! What makes Salti Hearts so unique and different from the other women retreats here on the island, is that I’m the guests' host, coach, yoga teacher and friend through out the whole Salti experience.


Are your surf instructors female as well?

We are mostly women here, however there are a couple of lovely males who are part of the team. Like Yohanes, our driver/photographer/assistant and instructor, depending on the surf level of the crew we might need an extra surf coach, which is usually another guy who has been working for us for many years and is wonderful with ladies. 

 Salti Hearts Yoga and Surf Retreats Bali
Photo by Krista Eppelstun

Next to surfing, what else can guests expect at your retreats?

Well, this a wellness retreat that involves surfing, yoga, meditation, delicious food, sisterhood, sharing stories and so much more.

We have a schedule with all the activities we offer, there is also a day off for the ladies to truly relax and embrace the cultural and historical side of Bali. So our ladies can expect to relax, feel like they're at home away from home knowing that there is nothing for them to think of or be worried about… because it is going to be a Salti, fun and life changing experience.


"There is something so special when women get together; there are moments of vulnerability, honesty, connection, inspiration and empowerment."


Why do you think women-only surf retreats are so different to mixed groups? 

During the past 4 and a half years of running Salti Hearts Retreats I have seen how important it is to create space for females to come together; a safe space to share, be and do as much or as little as they like. Where they can drop all the labels and be themselves.

There is something so special when women get together; there are moments of vulnerability, honesty, connection, inspiration and empowerment.

 Salti Hearts Retreats by Makalani Productions
Photo by Makalani Productions

What can guests expect to eat at your retreats? 

We love food. We believe that nourishing the body is so important, so we make sure we cater for all our Salti ladies. Our food is usually greens, mostly Indonesian food and all are very healthy meals throughout the Retreats. Every day we offer super fresh and healthy breakfast and snacks. As well as 3 delicious dinners at the Sa Villa, there are 2 nights when guests can head outside and enjoy the delightfulness of the Bali Cuisine.

Since launching, do you have any particularly special memories you love to look back on?

Too many, each Retreat is different; I guess the laughter, the connections and the friendships that are created for a lifetime. Mostly having a Tribe of incredible women. 

Yeni Canelon Free Surfing
Founder Yeni Canelon free surfing. 

What do you love doing in your down time, when not running a retreat?

Something so simple! I have 3 rescue pups that I love, so I really enjoy my time with them, but also free surfing, working out, Netflix sessions and lots of coffee catch ups with friends and quality time with my fiancé.  

I just love what I do. I've been able to live in Bali, meet inspiring women and have the best time together. I absolutely love the saltiness and the joy that this lifestyle has to offer.

Ready to book your next Surf and Yoga Retreat with Salti Hearts or eager to find out more? 

Salti Hearts Logo


Salti Hearts Retreats
Photo by Makalani Productions 


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