Surf Destinations: Sri Lanka, by Sofie Forton

Surf Destinations: Sri Lanka, by Sofie Forton

It's been a while since we highlighted a surf destination. Combine running Seafoam with my dayjob as a supply teacher, living by a beautiful coast and some major life changing events in the recent years, has seen me at home more than I used to be. So I called in the help of Sofie Forton, Belgian surf lover and passionate traveller, to share her experience and beautiful photo journal of travelling in Sri Lanka. Would you like to share more about a recent surf trip with other ocean lovers on here? Get in touch via


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Almost a year ago we, my friend and I, decided it would be nice to spend the holidays in the sun and warm water.  After a little search we booked our tickets to Sri Lanka, tropical vibes on an island sound like the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and NY’s eve. The main goal was surfing and nature.

"Surfing in Sri Lanka depends on the season, in the winter swell and surf in the north and during summer in south."

Once arrived in Colombo, you can take a train to Weligama, one of the main surfspots during winter in Sri Lanka. Surfing in Sri Lanka depends on the season, in the winter swell and surf in the north and during summer in south.The train ride is the perfect introduction to the country and its lifestyle, you don’t know how long the ride will be, but the view is stunning and the people are friendly and always smiling.


Weligama is a long and well known bay in the south of the island, where the surf culture lives with lots of surf shops and local surf schools. It’s the perfect spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, you can easily rent surfboards. 

There are many surf camps and organisations in this area that provide all services, like yoga, day trips, surf classes and much more.

Surfing in Sri Lanka is so much joy because of the warm water and sunny weather (hello to surfing in bikini!). Sometimes it can get crowed, but just a tuk tuk drive away and you’re on a different spot. 

Surfing by tuk tuk Sri Lanka Surftrip

By talking to other surfers and locals you get to know other spots, here is little list from nearby spots:

- Marissa


-Lazy left & right

-Fishermen point

-Jungle Beach


-Coconut point


One off the main hotspots at Weligama is Hangtime hostel, the hostel has a beachfront restaurant and offers daily great yoga classes. It’s one of the perfect places to grab a bite after a surf session, while watching other surfers and fishermen in the sea.

Another place worth a visit is Ceylon Sliders, not only for their delicious food but also for their beautiful shop and architecture.

To be honest, there are too many places to name, it’s a Mecca for surfers and food lovers. 

Food of Sri Lanka

After a few days of surfing in Weligama, we heard about a little bay more east called Hiriketiya. After a (long) tuktuk drive you arrive at one of the most magnificent views. With an even more stunning sunset framed by palmtrees and the jungle.


Around the bay there are no big buildings, only some small bars, little roti shops, and surfboard rentals. 

There is a perfect front beachbreak and a left pointbreak for more advanced surfers. The place breathes a mellow, friendly vibe.

Hiriketiya Surftrip Hiriketiya Surf Spot Sri Lanka

From all the surfing, of course you get hungry.

As mentioned before the food in Sri Lanka is delicious, with lots of rice and curries, great fresh fruit and traditional dishes as roti or kotu. There are more and more new places that serve marvellous bowls, tasty pancakes and much more. It’s a treat for your belly.

Food of Sri Lanka
Food on surf trip in Sri Lanka

Besides the surf and food there are lots of gorgeous temples, beautiful nature and animals to watch. One of the highlights is the safari where you can spots many wild animals, such as elephants, from only a meter away. 

Or the green mountains covered with tea plantations and waterfalls with stunning sunrises. The nature is so diverse and worth the trip.

Sri Lanka SafariSri Lanka Safari


Traveling in Sri Lanka with public transport is easy and cheap, it only takes time and some patience. A good alternative are the tuk tuk’s, but always make a deal before departure. If you don’t have that much time or you’re traveling with lots of luggage there are many private drivers who can bring you everywhere.


Overall Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with great surf, nature, food and most of all friendly people. It probably will change a lot in the coming years, so my advice would be, book your ticket and pack your bags.



Inland Sri Lanka

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