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Surfsuit - Coral Sands

Surfsuit - Coral Sands

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Introducing Salted's Full Coverage Surf Suit in the elegant Coral Sands Print. This surf suit offers the perfect harmony of style, sun protection, coverage, and convenience. With a design that prioritises full coverage and a back zip with a cord for easy pulling up, it's the ideal choice for those seeking sun protection and comprehensive coverage without compromising on style or ease of use.

Coral Sands Print: the full coverage surf suit features the graceful Coral Sands Print, a custom design inspired by the natural beauty of sandy shores and coastal tranquility. It embodies the elegance of earthy tones.

Sun Protection and Coverage: This surf suit provides extensive coverage, including long sleeves and full-length legs, ensuring that you're shielded from the sun's rays and the elements. It's a functional choice for sun protection and those who prefer more coverage during their surf sessions.

Style Meets Function: While designed for coverage, this surf suit doesn't sacrifice style. The Coral Sands Print adds a touch of sophistication to your beachside look, making it a statement piece in every sense.

Easy Pull-Up Zip: The back zip with a convenient cord allows for easy and hassle-free pulling up, so you can get in and out of your surf suit with ease.


77% Recycled Nylon + 23% Elastane
Weight : 230 Gsm

4 Ways Stretch
Excellent breathability
Body Enhancing properties


Care Instructions

To ensure long lasting quality we recommend:

◦ Hand washing your swimwear in fresh cold water as soon as possible after wearing.

◦ Make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before storing.

◦ Do not machine wash with detergents (these are too strong for swimwear fabrics) We recommend using detergent specifically formulated for fabrics with a high spandex content.

◦ Sun cream, tanning cream, or chlorine can damage and discolour swimwear, limit exposure of these products. Avoid rough surfaces!

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